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Vintage Women's style tips

March 09, 2020

  1. Pick Your Style.

 There are many styles of clothing, work style, casual style, sports style, and so on. When choosing a style, you must pay attention to one of them, and not mix and match different styles.


  1. Add Color.

 The combination of colors can show one's taste.  It would help if you had a basic understanding of which colors match and which don't. For example, red and green do not match well. But like this, anything in life rules can be broken, but only when you are ready!


  1. .. but not too much

 Sometimes it's easy to overdo it with the accessories. We get it, and we all have been guilty of it before. Remember, sometimes less is more.


  1. Be Authentic

 How we dress represents who we are. Dress in a way that expresses who you are. Be daring and authentic.


  1. Keep it simple

 Regardless of what you are wearing, make sure your clothes are clean and tidy. Simple is always better.


  1. Hairstyle

 It would be best if you understood which hairstyles match the clothes your wearing. Not all hairstyles and clothes match well together. Be honest and real with yourself. You know what works and what doesn't.


  1. Choose the right bag

 The bag can make or break your whole outfit. Choose wisely.  We offer a large selection of different bags for all styles. You will surely find a perfect bag for you.

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