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An Ultimate Guide to Incorporate Cottage core Lifestyle

 Cottagecore lifestyle is currently trending across social media. The idea romanticizes whimsical living associated with rustic aesthetics.

Spending your days doing different activities including baking, picnicking, wearing flowy dresses, basking in the sun, and collecting wildflowers, cottage core lifestyle is associated with much more than just a calm and peaceful living.

The trend was once associated with home décor only, but now it has been taking the internet by storm and you can apply it to just anything. 

Especially in a world where people are obsessed with phones, the internet, social media, and Netflix, the cottagecore lifestyle is a great treat for people who love fresh-cut flowers, vintage dresses, cozy textures, and just a simpler version of the life.

So, let’s explore further what makes cottagecore lifestyle an ultimate favorite trend today and what elements are included as part of this lifestyle.

What is Cottagecore Lifestyle?

As the name suggests, a “cottagecore lifestyle” is based on a pastoral aesthetic. It’s a sophisticated lifestyle movement based on slow, simple, and sustainable living, as well as developing a deep connection with nature.

Besides this, it’s a lifestyle that does not revolve around social media but it's more like taking long walks in lush greenery, knitting, reading books, baking, and enjoying all the activities that do not involve the internet but a more homey and peaceful living.

To make it simpler and clearer for our readers, we have divided cottagecore lifestyle into three distinctions.

  • Comfortable casual wear
  • Nature-inspired space
  • Everyday activities

If you are willing to add this simplistic lifestyle, then it’s recommended to work on these three aspects. This is the best time to change things around and make your environment more surreal and peaceful.

What’s more amazing? You don’t have to spend tons of money to adapt to this lifestyle or need some special skills. It's simple. Log off your social media accounts, put your phone down, and let’s walk into the lush green hills. If you are an enthusiast city dweller, you would love strolling into wild parks. Let’s discuss the above aspects in detail to give better insights into the cottagecore lifestyle.

  • Comfortable Casual Wear:     



Casual Wear:


When it comes to cottagecore fashion, we include simple everyday dresses such as loose-fitting skirts, flowy dresses, simple blouses, floaty tops, comfy sweatpants, and all casual dresses made of lightweight and comfortable fabrics. The best examples are short-sleeve home wear, and loose & sweet long-sleeved home wear from Ecosusi that are made of soft, durable, and breathable fabrics. Suede long-sleeved sweet princess style home wear also gives a cute casual comfy look to take your cottagecore fashion to the next level.

Apart from these stunning dresses, you can also choose from nature-inspired prints, floral patterns shirts, and paisley patterns with crotchet linings. For a more comfortable loungewear look, you can consider wearing apron dresses, as these are especially comfortable for those who think that frocks and shirts are heavy or impractical. 

It's best to buy decent and light-colored clothes that seem closer to nature. For example, green, brown, white, oatmeal, neutral, and jewel tones. Maybe the colors your grandma would love to wear? 

Casual Wear:

    Let’s discuss something about ideal footwear for cottagecore lifestyle. We would always recommend simple, easy to wear, comfortable and shoes, such as breathable leather sandals, t-strap huarache sandals, pointed toe classic leather shoes, and Flora classic shoes that are made of pure vegan leather and have soft footbed to provide extra support, stability, and comfort to your feet.

    It's better to buy cozy boots in winter but stripy sandals in summer, for example, Gladiator buttoned Roma Sandals are a perfect fit for hot weather as it provides both comfort and style.

  1. Nature-inspired Space:
  2. Many people do not prefer to dress up in a particular way, but they always make sure that the space around them gives a perfect lasting cottagecore impression. 

    Everything around you should give a soft, cozy, comfortable, and enveloping feeling. Therefore, the idea is to use soft, warm, and neutral colors instead of using bold, dark, or bright shades. Using floral wallpapers, warm blankets, and throw pillows also give a cozy and comfy feeling. 

    You can even use some beautiful nature-inspired paintings that bring color and elegance to your indoors. Some other things to add are draperies, tapestries, soft curtains, rustic furniture, ambient lighting, fairy lights, fluffy rugs, and lots of flowering plants.

    We think indoor gardening should be included top of your list. You should create a space that receives natural lighting and has more green surroundings. For example, indoor plants like succulents, Juniper Bonsai, rubber plants, Pilea, and anthurium are great that need no maintenance and extra care, just purify the air and establish a strong connection with nature.

  3. Everyday Activities:
  4. By everyday activities, we mean:

      • Baking: Bake bread, doughnuts, pancakes, cookies, and other homemade items with whipped cream. 
  5. Knitting and crocheting: Try simple and easy embroideries that are fun to do, like flowers, patterns, and small insects. Knitting and crocheting need some patience as they are a bit difficult, but we are sure that once you will start, you will enjoy the process.
  6. Flower preservation: This is what most people love to do to enjoy their cottagecore lifestyle. Look for some fragrant wildflowers in a jar, glass, or bottle. You can also keep them in books without pressing their petals.
  7. And repurposing: To give your home a décor boost, try repurposing. Turn trash into treasure projects or at least something useful that you could be proud of.

  8. Conclusion:

    Embracing cottagecore lifestyle is not difficult, it has now become a trend and not some random kind of decorating style. It invites you to slow down, enjoy peaceful living, take long walks, bake a cookie, learn to knit, repaint your old dresser and wear comfy clothing. It emphasizes the idea to enjoy simple things at home with your family that gives inner peace, instead of being busy with social media and digital life.

    Once you choose cottagecore lifestyle, you will feel that your environment is evolved into a warm and loving atmosphere where family and friends are valued as opposed to digital life.

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