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Head-turning Women's Satchels Available in Latest Designs

The stylish satchels are one of the most important items roomy enough to carry all your everyday essentials safely and securely.

Chic, comfortable, compact, and sturdy satchel bags have a lot of amazing features and functionalities that make them an ideal accessory to carry your items and boost your style. 

From attending important business meetings to taking care of errands and enjoying happy hours with friends, satchel bags are something that you can easily carry even through the daily commutes, children’s drop-offs, or work trips. 

Whether you want to carry your laptop, water bottle, notepads, pens, or other items, the head-turning women’s satchels are available in unique designs at Ecosusi. We have a versatile collection for women of all ages, from crossbody vintage briefcases to small cookie bags.

Explore some of our latest satchel bag designs below.

What type of Satchel bags is currently trending?

Past few years ago, the original style of the Satchel bag was designed to carry notes and schoolbooks. 

So originally, these types of bags were only student-focused with a strap and can be worn diagonally across the body. 

However, there were also some options available in backpack-type style with straps as well. These bags can be easily worn over the shoulders as a simple shoulder bag.

With more advancements in fashion, satchel bags began to transform from a pure practical look to ultra-functional and fashionable accessories in different innovative designs.

Especially at the Ecosusi store, you will find a lot of incredible latest designs that work well for every working lady and fashion enthusiast. Our Uniquely crafted satchel bags are comfortable, lightweight, stylish with detachable shoulder straps, and beautiful bow designs for added style and elegance.

Moreover, the interior is spacious enough to organize all the necessities, such as a laptop, charger, wallets, cell phones, keys, makeup items, notebooks, and water bottles. The interior compartments are safe and secure with zippers, straps, buckles, or other closures. 

Some Latest Designs of Women’s Satchels:

Have a look at some latest satchels designed for women of all ages and professionals.

  • Women’s Vintage Bow Small Briefcase:        
Small Briefcase:

The Women’s Vintage bows small briefcase is all you need: high-quality PU leather and vintage retro stuff.

The sleek, simple, and stylish design can even carry your iPad 9.7” with a shoulder strap length of 23”-29.3”. Besides, it is made of 100% eco-friendly material and has a removable bow decoration at the top, making it an effortlessly chic satchel bag for women.

From work to shopping and grocery runs to hanging out with friends, the satchel bag is versatile enough for all occasions.

  • Women’s Perforated Messenger Bag:
Small Briefcase:

Women’s perforated messenger bag is a must-have bag that every working woman needs for carrying daily work essentials. This top-quality bag is made of synthetic leather and has a durable metal finish with polyester tan lining closure.

It’s a beautiful blend of modern and traditional design that features a buckle closure, shoulder strap, and special zipper closure. Besides carrying small items, you can also organize your gadgets, wallet, keys, and 10-inch tablet.

Its top handle and strap give it an extra pop while making it easy to carry.

In short, it’s a perfect accessory for your #Insta pics as well!

  • 14” Laptop Satchel Convertible Backpack:
Small Briefcase:

The thoughtfully designed and highly functional 14” laptop satchel convertible backpack is an ideal accessory for warmer days. Since it's lightweight and stylish, this multipurpose bag is good enough to carry your work-life essentials in one place.

Especially if you are concerned about the safety and security of your items, keep in mind that the bag has a thickened laptop compartment designed to enhance the protection of your items. Its zippered compartment features a turn-lock design to avoid any kind of sudden falls.

No doubt, it's your perfect travel companion.

  • Women’s Faux Leather Shoulder Bags:

Stylish, chic, and head-turning Women’s faux leather shoulder bag  designed to stand out from the crowd. This perfect carryall is sleek, stylish, sophisticated and actually makes your personality extra attractive.

This fashion bucket style is spacious enough to carry all your belongings. Its detachable straps make it a perfect crossbody wearing. Besides, it also features a durable top handle that helps you carry it as a tote or handbag.

Its durability is exceptionally strong and can be one of the outstanding statement accessories that match every outfit you wear.

  • Small Cookie Bag Crossbody Bag:
  1. Small Briefcase:

This small, stylish, and sophisticated small cookie bag crossbody bag certainly makes it easy to leave the house with few essentials such as a mobile phone, wallet, keys, lipsticks, and tissues.

Especially if you want to give a perfect finishing touch to your look, this durable faux leather bag with water repellant properties is undoubtedly a great fit for both casual and fancy looks.

You can either carry it as a handbag or crossbody bag. It's best for work, school, meetings, parties, shopping, and everyday use.

In search of stylish satchels? See our extensive collection at Ecosusi:

So, if you are heading out with friends in your favorite outfit but can't find the perfect satchel to complete your look, it’s time to look at our extensive collection at the Ecosusi store. From casual crossbody bags to a functional saddlebag and small satchels, we have everything at affordable rates. 

At Ecosusi, we help you keep with the latest fashion trends to enhance your everyday style. Let’s explore our extensive range and organize your belongings stylishly!

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