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How to Plan your Wardrobe for an Entire Week?

We are not suggesting what colors to choose for your fancy knee-length skirt or top over denim jeans before work. But we are just here to give you a solution to your everyday problem ‘what to wear today?

We understand mornings are hard, especially for a working lady who is a total novice in laying out a schedule for chic, stylish, fabulous, and professional clothing for the entire week.

Well, the easiest thing you could do to enjoy an easy and comfortable clothing schedule is- get organized and glam up your wardrobe! Yes, you heard that right.

Being prepared for your entire week has now become an essential recipe to get successful in your professional life. When you are fabulously dressed for different official activities like seminars, meetings, and dinners, your personality ultimately looks more confident and cherished.

But for that, you need to plan your wardrobe and get relief from that stress of ‘I had nothing to wear today’ or ‘what should I wear to look more professional’.

Below we have compiled a list of work-friendly outfits for each day, so you could simply walk away with a plan in place without being worried.



Yes, we know you aren't excited about Mondays. Nobody is.

We can understand the pain of getting up early in the morning after Sunday brunching, hanging out with friends, and binging your favorite shows on Netflix. So, it's quite hard to find that motivation to find a perfect outfit to wear.

And for your workday you need an outfit that's comfortable, stylish and professional. That's why, we suggest square collar sleeveless bow embroidered dress with an inner sweatshirt and vintage Martin boots on Mondays.



Tuesdays are comparatively easy as you already made it through that Monday stress, and now you are ready to face some more for the entire week.

But maintaining that chic, functional and work-appropriate look is still a stressed feeling. So, pairing up a long Myrna check shirt dress with pointed-toe heels adds a more subtle touch to your overall personality for Tuesdays.

If you don’t like wearing long dresses, you can choose sweatpants with a white crisp dress shirt as it’s a foolproof pair to run everyday errands and meetings.



You can’t go wrong if you wear a stylish pattern dress that adds more fun and color to your personality.

You've made it to the middle of the week! It's time to (hopefully) start getting ready for the weekend and change up the vibes. So combining a retro-style daisy print embroidered lace color dress with vintage lace-up boots 

Especially if you are attending a meeting or going out for lunch, these amazing silhouettes would be perfect. 



Thursdays are our favorite days. Because it seems like the weekend is just around the corner, and now you have to finish up the week with some productive tasks you have done or planning to do next.

That’s the reason, you should wear something more comfortable, cozy and relaxing to make the day more enjoyable.

What about wearing a nice Natalie knit top with pants and pointed-toe high heel boots? This is the most amazing business casual attire that instantly glams up your look! Don’t believe us? Let’s try it!

The best part is, you can either wear the top with sweatpants or a skirt. Both of these combinations work well and give you a more flattering look.

If it’s cool weather, you can pair it up with a denim jacket or a soft black blazer that further gives a sophisticated look for Thursdays. Right?



We all love Fridays, and the reason we all know- it marks the beginning of weekends! As EL FUEGO puts it, “Friday evenings feel like heaven.”

Isn’t it true? How do you feel when Friday has arrived to mark the end of your entire hectic week? Well, you must feel relieved and relaxed.

So, you should wear something that expresses that Friday vibe!

We suggest wearing an elegant navy blue cherry print dress combined with heeled Marry Jane shoes and plaid shoulder bag handbag to appear perfectly poised and competent.



Let’s talk about Saturdays! Loose shirts, unlimited coffee, music and messy hair. In short, Saturdays are best and adventurous for many people who want to make the most of their weekend.

So, what do you plan to wear? 

Well, pairing a whimsical lace check blouse with women’s vintage bow leather shoes is a great combination to spruce up your personality for weekend getaways.

You can add more style by pairing up your whole look with a women’s small casual backpack. This simply complements your entire look and offers a more pleasant and comfortable feeling while wearing this simple yet comfy dressing.



Sundays always feel like the shortest day of the week. 

So take some time for yourself today. Relax and recharge for the new week to come because it's the only day when you can focus on some self-care.

Especially if you don’t have plans, you can enjoy wearing your favorite PJs all day.

But if you have to go out, wearing a long skirt with a pretty printed wool long scarf is a great choice.

Wrapping up:

Well, after a detailed discussion, we hope you must understand how to plan your wardrobe for each day and improve your personal style.

But if you are still confused and want something more stylish and fabulous, head over to Ecosusi for more ideas about your everyday look and develop a strong fashion sense with our stylish vintage clothing, shoes, and bags.

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