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How to Pick the Best Shoes for Your Next Travel Adventure

No matter how much you travel, picking the best, comfy, protective, and versatile travel shoes should be your topmost priority. Especially if you are going planning to walk on rugged terrains, you need top-notch footwear.

So, whether you are traveling domestically or heading abroad, make sure you choose comfortable and supportive shoes that do not cause any blisters or ache on your feet and reduce the chances of any injury. 

To help you choose the best options for your feet, Ecosusi shares some tips to pick the best multipurpose shoes for your next travel adventure. Have a look below to get a bit of extra comfort!


Determine your adventure type:

Picking the right travel shoes is quite tricky as you will find different styles and ideas which may look fine for the moment but not a wise option once you start your journey. That’s the reason you should first ask yourself, where are you going? And what you will be doing?

Because adventure comes in different forms and types. Are you planning to hit the crowded roads of the city? Backpacking through the countryside? Once you know where you'll be going, you can easily pick the best and comfy companion for your travel adventure. 

For example, if you have plans to walk on the hard sidewalks, Flora classic shoes are the best option that is made of pure vegan leather and ensure maximum style and comfort. But if you are going to walk on the trails, then you need more solid and durable footwear like Vintage Martin boots that are sturdy, comfortable, and protective. These shoes are specifically designed for long excursions with water-resistant properties. 

Similarly, if you are just planning to explore a city with a casual dress, a nice pair of shoes like Cara retro bow shoes will be an amazing choice. These shoes are the best option to rock with jeans, leggings, and a short skirt with an elegant bow decoration, breathable body, and multipurpose style.


Test them and make sure they are comfy and supportive:

Once you think you have found the best pair of shoes for your travels, it's time to test them properly before heading out. Do not just put on the shoe in the store and walk a couple of steps. It's not good enough to check for support and durability. If you want to test the shoe support, grab the shoe by its heel and then bend its toe in the upward direction. 

Check whether the shoe moves to the ball of the foot or just turning towards a random direction. If it moves under the ball of the shoe, it’s the right pick for you.


Look for the comfortable material of the shoe:

Whenever you have to pick the shoes for travel, make sure they are comfortable enough to wear for a long time. They must have high-quality cork as well as made of reliable and breathable materials. Especially if you are going for a walk where you may encounter steep cobblestones or just hiking on trails, you need a pair of shoes that provide lasting support and comfort. 

Because if they are made of lower quality materials, they may hurt your feet, cause injuries, and not last for a long time.


Choose the color palette wisely and stick with the one that matches your outfit:

Before picking the right shoe, it's also important to get them matched with the outfit you'll wear, or at least choose the one that goes with your general style. This means choosing a black, brown, or grey would be a better choice as these are the colors that look good with almost every outfit you want to wear for the adventure. Save those bold red shoes that only match with one outfit and choose a pair that can be worn with every color you pick.


Get them from a store that offers a reasonable return policy:

Buying shoes from a reliable store should be your priority because they offer you a reasonable return policy which is definitely a great help for the buyer. For example, if you buy shoes from Ecosusi, and you are not satisfied due to any reason from the product, you can contact them within 15 days, and they will issue a complete refund upon receiving the product. Now that’s called a GREAT service.


Break-in your shoes before leaving:

Okay now you have got nice pair of shoes and you are ready to go out with friends. But wait. Before you leave, it's important to break them in for a while. Your break-in period can help you feel the actual comfort and support and give you a good time to fit them in before walking on those hard trails. Maybe those shoes look great in the store, but they start irritating your feet once you wear them for half an hour.

Now you know as you have time to choose something more comfortable and reliable before heading out.


Wear good quality socks compatible with shoes:

Wearing good quality socks is important for enjoying a relaxing trip.  Depending upon your trip or location type, you need to choose the right pair of socks that are also compatible with your shoes. If you are visiting a place with a cold climate, wearing thick woolen socks with pointed high heel knee boots will be a great choice. Similarly, if you are traveling to a hotter place, wearing bamboo socks with pointed-toe classic leather shoes would be a comfortable option as they will keep the feet comfortable and fresh in warm climates.


So, what do you look for in finding a good pair of shoes for travel?

Do you also look for the same qualities or follow some other helpful tips before picking up the right shoe for traveling? 

Do let us know in the comments so that we design more products! 

Happy travels!

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