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6 Stylish Crossbody bag Ideas to Complement your Look

Are you looking for a stylish yet functional crossbody bag to organize your day-to-day essentials without compromising on the quality? If yes, you are in the right place.

Especially if you are an adventurer or a travel geek, Ecosusi’s crossbody bags collection is here to upgrade your closet with unique, comfortable, and stylish bags that won’t strain your back, and allow you to travel hands-free while capturing beautiful memories for your #travelgram.

What’s more? These super-comfortable crossbody bags complement your looks and give you more style points! To provide you with a perfect match, let’s scroll through the list of some our best sellers 

Women’s PU Detachable Bow Briefcase:

Sombre Vintage Briefcase

Let’s bring together a sense of style and organization with this highest-quality vegan leather Women’s PU detachable bow briefcase that has spacious interiors and padded compartment for holding 13-14.7- inch laptop and exterior front compartments for holding small items like keychains, tissues, wallet, and others.

The bag is suitable for trips and equally useful for meetings, interviews, schools, parties, and other events.

The best part is, it's quite comfortable to carry as it has multiple carrying options with a blend of traditional and modern design. Especially its top bow design makes the bag look a more unique and stylish.

Women’s Vintage Bow Small Briefcase:

Sombre Vintage Briefcase

Looking for a reliable and stylish travel companion? Have a look at this quality and ultra-chic Women’s Vintage Bow Small Briefcase made of vegan leather and vintage retro materials. 

Its durable and compartmentalized interiors make the bag an excellent choice for short trips. Moreover, it is a great substitute for those large briefcases that are not comfortable carrying long-distance traveling. Its unique removable bow design at the top and detachable shoulder strap are the super-favorite options for all the ladies and make it much appropriate for meetings, office work, shopping, dating, interviews, and more.

Above all, it's 100% eco-friendly, stronger, comfortable, and ethically made by expert craftsmen.

So, if you are struggling to get some modern and stylish look, this is definitely going to be the best fashion accessory for 2021.

What do you think?

Ecosusi Classic Bow Briefcase:

Sombre Vintage Briefcase

This durable PU leather bag with a long shoulder strap designed to be worn across your body is a perfect fashion statement that steps up your fashion game.

Made of PU leather and soft lining, this Ecosusi Classic Bow briefcase has a large inner capacity and multiple compartments. You can either carry it as a shoulder bag, handbag, or a crossbody bag, depending upon your requirement. A combination of modern and vintage design with gold-tone metal hardware further makes it a great accessory for every budget and need.

The additional space to organize your small belongings and stylish look add a more classy touch to your everyday casual look.

Women’s Small Casual Backpack:

Sombre Vintage Briefcase

Loved by travelers and adventurers, this Women’s small casual backpack is designed to suit your travel needs in a comfortable yet classy manner.

This modern and stylish backpack is made of PU leather and polyester lining fabric with water-resistant properties. Unlike traditional backpacks, this backpack has different compartments and spacious interiors with two small inner pockets for carrying items like tissues, lipstick, wallet, keychains, and others. Plenty of space for everything you need!

Not only that, but it can also accommodate your iPad and other gadgets.

So, whether you are a busy mom, a traveler, a business professional, or a school student, this small casual backpack is going to make your life more organized and increase your style!  Its soft long strap helps you wear it across the body with complete ease and comfort. Due to its convertible design, you can also wear it as a shoulder bag or use it as a handbag. 

Sombre Pink Women’s Vintage Briefcase:

Sombre Vintage Briefcase

If you are searching for something more fashionable and practical than a simple backpack, look at this stylish Sombre Pink Women’s Vintage Briefcase, a great alternative for heavy carryalls.

This unique style crossbody bag is made of soft vegan leather that can easily accommodate your 6- inches laptops.  If you are a travel geek, this is  must have an accessory as it can be used both, as a shoulder bag or a backpack. It's available with a removable shoulder strap so that you can easily carry it according to your needs.

Its excellent craftsmanship and elegant two-strap design for shoulders evenly distribute the weight of your accessories so that you can carry it without feeling any strain on your back or shoulders. Above all,  this classy bag adds elegant style to your everyday outfit.

The bag is absolutely perfect for meetings, school, or an interview.

Women’s Faux Leather Bow Messenger Bag:

Sombre Vintage Briefcase

When it comes to shopping for crossbody bags, different designs can mak choosing the perfect bag confusing (which is why we are here!). According to current modern trends, check out this Women’s faux leather bow messenger bag with multiple compartments and a stylish design.

This adorable bag is made of PU leather and also has a top handle with vintage bronze hardware. Besides, it also has strong magnetic button clasps closures that help organize your essentials with great convenience.

The bow at the front also looks attractive and adds a beautiful feminine touch to the overall style. The bag boasts different compartments and inner pockets to accommodate your daily life essentials and credit cards.

Final thoughts:

With a comfortable, unique, and stylish crossbody bag, you can easily get quick access to your items while organizing things in one place. Due to their secure, versatile, and sleek design, crossbody bags have become everyone's favorite today. 

That's the reason we were inspired to design our own Ecosusi crossbody bags. And just like all of our bags, we made sure only to use high quality vegan leather and water-resistant materials. Ecosusi's innovative bag collection is everything you need to elevate your style game. Browse through our collection and find a perfect match that best suits your personality and needs.

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