Top 7 Fall Winter 2022/2023 Fashion Trends You Must Try

Top 7 Fall Winter 2022/2023 Fashion Trends You Must Try

The fantastic season of fall has officially arrived. The cooler weather and fresher air seem to indicate that everything should be renewed, especially for the season’s personal look and style. If you haven’t come up with any idea, then our top seven FW 22/23 tips are here to help you so you don’t need to bother watching those runways.

One word best describes the prevailing aesthetic of FW22/23: nostalgia. Now, nostalgia may take on many various shapes based on the individual's age, life experiences, and hobbies. All the things that make you think of better, simpler times have made it onto the season's runways, whether in New York, London, Milan, or Paris, and have been sharing a common yearning for a more fulfilling existence. Based on this philosophy, we can try the following 7 trends or styles with the help of Ecosusi’s vintage bags which are sure to make us the center of attention this fall and winter.

1、80s style

One of our favorite fashion styles is the 1980s. Big shoulders, oversized jewelry, white jeans, and other characteristics instantly come to mind when discussing this distinctive aesthetic that has been around for more than 40 years, but this year's 80s style is especially concentrated on padded shoulders, bold colors, and power suits that reflect the individual personalities of wearers and a sense of old times.

Much like what @mycodeofstyle displays here, the 80s attitude is instantly heightened with our Faux Leather Classic Briefcase owing to the classic hues and floral perforation.

2、Leather & Faux Leather

Leather & Faux Leather has been cycling for lots and lots of years. We always witness many styles that cycle around season after season in so many different years. Just like the 80’s style, Leather & Faux Leather is also one of this year’s top trends. We definitely believe that leather and faux leather are the perfect material for the fall/winter season, whether in skirts, jackets, or bags.

This is absolutely the must-try trend for the FW 22/23, not only does it suit better the season, but it also gives enough of your attitude and personality. Pairing our PU Classic Messenger Bag with a leather trench coat is a great example from @anniemaaay.

3、Preppy school girl

This movement seems to be saying goodbye to streetwear and welcomes a return to basics. The raised shirt, tie, skirt, and blazer that were popular in the 1970s are now making a return.


@iaiaiswatchinu brings her favorite preppy schoolgirl style with white collar shirts, ties, skirts, and our Sombre vintage briefcase  for a finishing touch. This chic look will surely make you steal the show whether on campus or on the street.

4、Suit and tailored

The office-ready appearance of the tailored fashion is more of a sophisticated touch, and there are many blazers in it. This season, blazers are expected to be quite popular. They have appeared on a wide range of runways and in fashion trends. Oversizing is another feature of this trend. You'll undoubtedly feel the wind in your step if you wear this structured and cozy look, just like @chiaramaroccoo does, with our Faux Leather Classic Briefcase.


5、White tank top

You may be wondering why wearing a white tank top is still popular in the fall. With this one, the designers really want to go back to the drawing board. Never undervalue the influence of a white tank top. Given its timeless nature, you can almost match it with anything, like a blazer, a coat…. It may be worn in a variety of ways, like as @brunamurteira does below, who adds our yellow Selene handbag as a contrast of hues to make the outfit more dramatic.


6、Robe life

Robe life is the newest trend for the autumn and winter of 2022/2023. Many robes with a tie-able waistband are expected to be popular this season. It could also be a long coat that resembles a robe. As you can see from @emilia_wilde, this style will give off a cozy and structured vibe, and she wears our vintage Bow Small Briefcase to add an extra allure.


7、Faux fur

The final style is faux fur. You might see a lot of faux fur clothing and accessories on the runways this season. When it's winter and incredibly cold outside, all you want to do is kind of wear it in layers and look or feel cozy and warm, it's the ideal statement. This year, faux shearling is particularly fashionable, whether it's used as the lining or the outside of clothing.

If you want to look like @oppm__, then our exquisite and chic small Artificial shearling handbag is absolutely your must-have.


What other styles or trends do you like to wear in the FW22/23? Leave your comments and inspire more people.

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