22 Funny and Creative Anything but A Backpack Day Ideas

22 Funny and Creative Anything but A Backpack Day Ideas

On "Anything But A Backpack Day," students are encouraged to bring in unconventional objects from home in place of traditional backpacks to transport their books and other necessities to class. The rule is simple: no dangerous stuff and no backpack. In response to this activity, students around the United States have developed some very innovative and inventive alternatives to traditional backpacks.

Boxes, baby strollers, toy cars, shopping carts… U.S. students are ditching traditional backpacks in favor of creative alternatives as a means to demonstrate their first school day spirits. It’s great to find that students are encouraged to use their imaginations in an effort to revive this spirit and prove that nothing is impossible!

If you are stuck on anything but a backpack day idea, then we’ve come up with some great ideas for you! Some ideas come from our Instagram followers in the GIVEAWAY campaign.

1、Ecosusi shoe box

Wouldn’t this shoe box be the perfect container for your books and stationery? It’s elegant and roomy, so basically you can put everything you need for school in it!

2、Shoulder strap

Can a shoulder strap be a book carrier? Absolutely yes, but you’ll need at least two, like what we present here with the shoulder straps from our vintage bags!


If the umbrella is sturdy enough, the open cover makes a great storage space for notebooks, binders, and other school materials.

4、Small bookcase

The expandable small bookcase can help carry your books, laptops and other large-sized school supplies.

5、Magical hats

A large, deep hat can accommodate almost all of the things you need for school.

Some hilarious and creative Ideas from our Instagram followers

6、Picnic basket

@marie.rbllrd I'll take a picnic basket to keep my romantic vibes on ✨ #anythingbutabackpackday

@lapauseecafe a picnic basket to still feel in summer even while in September

@feelinglikedaisy So my idea is maybe a little basket so I can still look like a princess going in the woods. Or maybe a mailbox


@_maria_quintas I’d put everything I need in a pillowcase. Effective, convenient to grab in a rush and it matches the pajamas I’d be wearing straight out of bed to school :3

8、School uniform/ Overall clothes

@mat.cha.latt3 I think the school uniform pocket is enough. I remember putting in my wallet, phone, a pen, a small bottle of drink and a small pack of snacks. 😂😂😂 Only Philippines Student understand.

@safi_aisyah24 An overall that has HUGE pockets so I can fit an iPad and pen.

@antigone_214 Anything but a backpack... I'd bring a large traditional Japanese cloth, that serves as a bag when tied in specific ways!


@haniekate_ My bed 🛏 ,,, If you can't beat sleep, join sleep

10、Clothes hanger

@eli.penazova We did this as seniors on our last day of high school. Some people brough trash cans, market trolleys, boats, pet cages... I put my stuff on several clothing hangers. Fun but a pain to keep from falling 😂


@cafehaeupl an empty hamster cage seems fun😂


@missblack714 Who needs a backpack if you have a pet kangaroo 🦘


@__kapageridou__ #anythingbutabackbagday I would have taken a belt (just like the old days) and carry everything!!

 14、Friends/ Family members

@charlene.ldr Make a friend carry my things or carry a friend and put my things on them

@notafou I’d have my little sister to carry them for me😍

@n0utsa I’ll take my little brother, he always brag about his biceps so now we’ll see 🤣


@n00rtje_.v A donkey that can carry my stuff :D


@bookrebel Wrap it in a blanket so when I take my stuff out to read, I can be all snuggled and cozy

17、Pizza boxes

@sarahbaader Why not put everything into pizza boxes and have a scent button so it smells like pizza? It’ll distract the class so much that and the teacher will have to check that it’s not food, that they’ll realize it’s too much headache 🤔😎


@onthegrandtour Haha love this idea 😁 how about a suitcase so I can at least pretend I'm going on holiday 😝


@merviee I would go with a trolley. It's not a backpack and I would still be comfortable enough to walk around school with the books without being afraid of dropping them because of their weight. Books can become really heavy during your school period.

 20、Desk on wheels

@allbookedupnow I’d definitely take my desk on wheels! Gotta have room to display my Ecosusi bag on while I scroll Instagram.

 21、Huge teddy with a zipper

@ceoliaesthetic Get a huge teddy with a zipper at the back enough space, comfy and it’ll keep ya warm……or my violin or guitar case works too i guess 😂.


@anamarias_library i would ask very nicely for my dog to carry my books 😂

Do these ideas get you inspired? Leave your comments and tell us your favorite one(s)!








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