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10 Best Pair of Comfortable Shoes You Need to Buy Right Now

No outfit is complete without a pair of elegant and comfy shoes. Whether you are heading to work or just going out with your friends, you need a perfect pair of shoes that elevate your looks while adding a stunning touch to your personality.

From pointed toe leather shoes to square toe vintage pumps, Ecosusi’s versatile shoe collection has everything you need to get ahead of the trends. Speaking of style and elegance, you will be spoilt for choice with super comfortable, stylish and vintage-inspired shoes designed for modern women.

So, if you are in the market for new shoes to improve your style, then take a look below to learn more about our stunning range of shoes.

Cara Retro Bow Shoes:

Let us help you unleash your inner fashionista with these beautiful Cara Retro Bow shoes that make the perfect style statement. Their elegant bow design is a cute addition to your outfit, especially when paired with cropped jeans or leggings.

These handcrafted vegan leather shoes are a great blend of comfort and style. Especially if you are struggling to find comfy shoes for work or running everyday errands, Cara Retro shoes with small heels are a good option. Your feet will thank you!

Flora Classic Shoes:

If you are looking for a classic footwear with maximum comfort and a minimalist style for an everyday casual look, then  Flora Classic Shoes is here for you. Especially if you want to look confident, classy, nothing can beat this timeless design's charm.

The shoes are inspired by elegant summer flowers and made of pure vegan leather to ensure maximum quality, style and comfort at the same time.

Their heel height is ideal with 3.3 cm, making them a great choice for work, meetings, school or shopping. 

Whether you rock them with skirt, jeans or leggings, flora classic shoes look amazing in every setting.

Women’s Classic T-Strap Leather Shoes:

Take your sophisticated professional look to a whole new level with this vintage pair of Women’s classic t-strap leather shoes, made of 100% pure vegan leather. 

Whether you wear these shoes for work, or just out for the day with your friends, it's the perfect blend of vintage style and comfort! You can rock the pair with shorts, jeans, skirts or leggings.

The most remarkable thing about the shoes is, they have t-strap design for adjustable ankle length. This pair will make the perfect new addition to your shoe collection!

Women’s Vintage Bow Leather Shoes:

Ready to jazz up your next summer outfit? Let’s have this modern yet vintage pair of Women’s vintage bow leather shoes made of the finest quality vegan leather material.

With their 7 cm heels, walking from place to place isn’t a pain as the material is soft, durable, and comfortable that makes walking and running easy & convenient.

Women’s Pointed Toe Leather Shoes:

If you want to try something more edgy, then grab a pair of  Women’s pointed toe leather shoes. The unique pair of shoes will add personality to your style.

Crafted with vegan leather material and with 5 cm heels, the shoes are a perfect fit for every occasion. Their supportive heels help secure balance and provides extra comfort while walking.

Vintage Leaves Pattern Belt Shoes:

No matter what you wear, these stylish and modern Vintage leaves pattern belt shoes are sure to get you a lot of compliments.

Their unique belt design at the top look is sure to look good with every outfit you wear. Made of vegan leather material, they are soft, durable, and easy to wear option for all day. You can either rock them with short skirt or leggings and look effortlessly stylish every day.

Cross Lacing Round Toe Heels:

Did you know cross lace-up shoes currently trending? They look extra chic, stylish, and are comfortable to wear. This cross-lacing round toe heels shoes are here to step up your style game with their thin laces crisscrossing from the top and going their way down to the heels.

The shoes are made of vegan leather and can be styled with every outfit you want to wear. 

Pointed Toe Classic Leather Shoes:

Point toe shoes ALWAYS look better than flat shoes. Pointed toe shoes or heels can never go out of style. Something so stylish can't go out of style! That’s the reason, getting pointed toe classic leather shoes is a must-have for every season.

Made of vegan leather material and 5.5 cm heels, these shoes add a nice touch to your outfit and perfect for every taste and budget.

Women Classic Mary Jane’s High Heels:

According to French fashion designer Christian Louboutin, ‘high heels empower women in a way’- which is absolutely true. Especially this pair of Women classic Mary Jane’s high heels, you can simply look way more stylish and feel more empowered!

The shoes are handmade with vegan leather and have 6.5 cm heels. No matter what outfit you choose to wear with this pair of heels, you will be the coolest girl in the crowds.

Square Toe Vintage Pumps with Bow:

Pamper your feet with this amazing pair of square toe vintage pumps with bow. These shoes are specially created for ladies who avoid wearing big soles or heels.

These multipurpose shoes feature a closed shape and best for outdoor activities. Wear these shoes the next time your out for a long stroll, and your feet will thank you. 

Made of soft vegan leather, they look perfect with jeans, leggings, jeggings and short skirts.

Pick your favorite pair today!

With our extensive shoe collection at Ecosusi, we hope that you can easily pick a comfortable pair of shoes for your everyday activities. And if you couldn't find the right pair of shoes here, then  visit our website to view the rest of our collection. You will surely find a pair you like!

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