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10 Pair of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Once the popular actress, model, and singer Marilyn Monroe said,

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”

Well, she made a very sound point and we totally agree with the statement, because shoes are the queen of accessories and cherry on top of your nice outfit. Especially when it comes to complementing your looks and style, a killer pair of shoes is all you need in your closet that suits every outfit you wear.

But it doesn’t mean you need a million pairs of shoes for each outfit you own, it’s quite tempting to have a closet full of expensive and statement shoes. The point is, never put your foot in the wrong shoe that doesn’t go with your dress or style.

However, you just need to invest in the right shoe collection that provides comfort, style, and convenience for everyday activities. At Ecosusi, we step up your shoe game by providing inexplicably magical shoes for any sort of footwear conundrum in a unique style.

Here we have compiled a list of common pairs of shoes that every woman should have in their closet. So, keep reading the post till the end and choose what suits your style the best!

Vintage Martin Boots:

If you want to make a perfect style-statement, Vintage Martin Boots is all you need to maintain a polished and effortless look.

The shoes are made of vegan leather and feature a zip fastening closure that further enhances your styling. These are one of the perfect pair of shoes that matches every personality and outfit regardless of any season. Once you get them, it would be hard to try on another pair of shoes. You can either pair them up with a jeans t-shirt or a business-casual outfit.

Pointed high heel knee boots:

Pointed high heel boots are available in the market a few years ago, but now you can get them in different unique styles and designs.

This incredibly comfortable pair of shoes will never disappoint you even you wear them all day. Especially if you want to look uber chic for your first date, wearing them with a short skirt and blouse would definitely spruce up your overall personality.

The lace-up front and vintage style buckles make them a more sophisticated choice for your personality. especially when you pair them with black denim and a t-shirt, you can simply maintain a smart and fashionable look.

Pointed-toe ankle boots:

If you are a fashion-forward lady, turn heads with these pointed-toe ankle boots that are surely the right pair for your feet. These are made of pure vegan leather and features a lace style that prevents your foot from sliding backward and adjust them in a proper position.

You can pair them with almost anything from short skirts to jeans & leather leggings and add more flavor to your looks than any short boot could.
Above all, these boots are timeless enough and can be worn all year round in any season.

Pointed-toe heels:

Sometimes when you are getting ready for work, you want to try something unique and classy that makes your look different than random days. And that’s where when the statement-shoe comes to support- the pointed toe heels, which is another timeless and incredible collection that every woman should own in her closet.

These are perfect for every season especially summer when you can easily wear them with skirts or ankle jeans. Their pointed toe design tends to create an elongated shape of legs and work more fabulously with cropped pants.

Elegant Mary Jane Retro shoes:

A nice pair of elegant Mary Jane retro shoes is one of the most wonderful yet fascinating footwear choices for all seasons. You can put them on with denim shorts or a t-shirt and a long skirt with a blouse.

The vegan leather soft shoes are quite comfy to wear even in summer and arguably the most desirable choice of every woman, especially when it comes to comfort and uniqueness.

Heeled Mary Jane shoes:

Heeled Mary Jane shoes are such a great treasure to have in your closet. The best part is, if you are not a heel girl and love flats, these epic-designed shoes could still comfort your feet without even scrunching the toes together.

These vegan leather shoes are probably the best alternative to those uncomfortable high heels that are not even an appropriate choice for your work or school.

Vintage leaves pattern belt shoes:

Here comes another versatile edition vintage leaves pattern belt shoes that are super fun to try for both winters and summer due to their comfy design and beautiful leaves pattern belt at the top. Whether you are wearing a skintight jean, loose pants or sweatpants, this fantastic pair of shoes look well with every outfit.

Square toe heeled Mary Jane:

Pump up your wardrobe with beautiful medium heels square toe heeled Mary Jane shoes that are available in two beautiful color tones and almost have flat heels so you can easily wear them while running everyday errands and other activities.

They have soft vegan leather and a comfortable sole that perfectly goes well with every outfit you wear.

Pointed toe classic leather shoes:

We believe every well-styled wardrobe must-have pointed toe classic leather shoes that instantly boost your overall look and personality.

The best part is you can even put them on for weddings, parties, or interviews due to their fancy design and neutral color.

Retro square toe circle buckle block shoes:

Last but not the least, you cannot survive a good summertime without having these retro square toe circle block shoes in your closet.

These are the most comfortable and flattering types of shoes that look well with everything you wear. They feature sleek straps that probably add a little ‘oomph’ for a more attractive look.

Wrapping up:

Not sure what’s the best choice to consider?

Don’t worry, have a detailed look at the above shoe collections and decide what looks well to your personality. Let’s explore different options at Ecosusi and slip into comfortable, durable and stylish shoes.

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