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Discover the Top Collection of Vintage Backpacks and Faux Leather Handbags

Let’s admit the fact- we all love backpacks and leather handbags. Don’t we?

Well yes! Especially when the collection is vintage and made of faux leather- as it’s considered a key luxury material in today’s booming fashion industry.

Since the beginning of modern civilization, countless inventions by mankind have offered a wealth of benefits to every generation. Handbags and backpacks are some of the most useful inventions that help you stay organized and keep things in one place without any hassle.

In today’s dynamic landscape, the types, designs, and uses of bags have changed. We have an option to select a wide range of bags according to our everyday requirements. Especially for women, there is an increased variety of vintage backpacks and Faux leather handbags that compliments with any outfit.

So, whether you have to attend an office meeting with your manager or going out for a date, Faux leather handbags and backpacks by Ecosusi will never let you down.

Why? They look fashionable, easy to grab, lightweight, and spacious enough to keep your belongings organized!

Let’s have a look at our top vintage backpacks and faux leather handbag collection that makes the perfect fashion accessory for everyday use.

Women’s Vintage backpack for laptop 15.6 inches:

Woman’s vintage backpack for laptop by Ecosusi is best known for its soft touch, flexibility, resistance, and durability. It’s made of the finest quality PU leather and easy to carry around.

This multi-pocket backpack features two adjustable & detachable shoulder straps that help you adjust its position at the back. You can either carry it as a laptop bag or a simple backpack if you have lots of items to keep. Because the bag features eight compartments such as laptop pockets, card pockets, pen pockets, inner zipper pockets, front pocket, and back pocket.

Above all, its impeccable design with a vintage touch makes it the must-have accessory for woman, and look suitable for shopping, traveling, business or office use.

Classic PU leather handbag for 11.6” inches laptop Chromebook:

What else do you need while traveling outside when you have this multi-purpose classic PU leather handbag? Yes, this awesome and naturally flexible handbag is a favorite choice of every woman today, especially those who need to carry a Chromebook or iPad. The bag contains a top handle as well as a detachable & adjustable shoulder strap that helps you carry it easily.

You can use it as a handbag, shoulder bag, or a crossbody bag as per convenience or requirement. The bag also features a large opening for quick access to your belongings. Especially its structure is quite user-friendly that contains a main padded compartment for laptop or Chromebook, two small pockets, and one zipper pocket.

This exceptional quality handbag made of durable vegan leather is just a perfect accessory to flaunt this evening with matching shoes & ensembles.

It's not just best suitable for a working woman, but also super cool for shopping, adventures, and school.

Women’s Faux leather laptop backpacks:

Laptop backpacks are possibly the most useful accessory for everyone who needs to travel or go to work. They are handy, lightweight, and super-easy to grab. Whether you need to hold camera accessories, books, gadgets, equipment, or laptop, this Women’s faux leather laptop backpack helps you stay organized while keeping everything in one place.

This is one of the most reliable and durable messengers’ bags that are made of soft PU leather and vintage bronze hardware. Especially its design features are quite impressive as it features adjustable shoulder straps for keeping different items. Its also available with a small cute purse that can hold small items like pens, tissues, or toiletries.

It also features a polyester lining that furthers adds flavor to the overall look and feel. You can accommodate your personal belongings and a laptop with a 14.7-inch, Mac Book Pro, and a 12.9" iPad.

Small cookie bag crossbody bag:

Let’s add some cuteness to your wardrobe with this super attractive small cookie bag crossbody bag that is made of durable faux leather with two buckle closures existing on the flap, and ultimately gets you a lot of valuable compliments.

Unlike traditional crossbody bags, these are less hard on your shoulders and much comfortable to carry even for long traveling hours. Due to their lightweight and simple design, you can carry them well for parties, interviews, school, or work. Their capacity included one large compartment and a small pocket.

DUSK- women’s vintage backpack:

If you want to bring some traditional style to your everyday activities, like school, office, or work, then have a look at this DUSK- women’s vintage backpack that is made of pure faux leather and best for every woman. The design is stylish, unique, and fashionable with a blend of a vintage look.

It has a special front card patch design with a single coin pocket as well as a middle mobile patch. This exotic combination of traditional and modern design makes the backpack extra attractive and desirable for all the ladies. The bag is not only ideal for work but equally suitable for students and other professionals.

It features plenty of space for all items and belongings as it can easily adjust a 15.6" laptop. So, it looks like the perfect everyday choice which is going to be in trend all year round.

Colors? Yes, it's available in two colors, black, and coffee that matches your style and complements the whole look.

Final words:

Handbags and backpacks have better ergonomics and carry a special charm with themselves unlike other bags in the category. Especially if you are going for a meeting, the trendy collection of vintage backpacks and faux leather handbags will help you set a great first impression while boosting your self-confidence and overall personality.

If you want to explore some top trendy bag collections for a statement-making look, visit Ecosusi and discover vintage backpacks, faux leather handbags, shoulder bags, totes, crossbody bags, wallets, clutches, and much more to add a layer of elegance, comfort, and style.

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