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Portafoglio frizione bloccante RFID da donnaPortafoglio frizione bloccante RFID da donna
Vintage Twist Lock Mini WalletVintage Twist Lock Mini Wallet
Vintage Twist Lock Mini Wallet Prezzo scontato€18,95
Vintage Clamshell Mini WalletVintage Clamshell Mini Wallet
Vintage Clamshell Mini Wallet Prezzo scontato€23,95
Portafoglio sottile smerigliato vintagePortafoglio sottile smerigliato vintage
PU Surface morbido Surfaus Frizione a colori solidiPU Surface morbido Surfaus Frizione a colori solidi

Welcome to the Ecosusi Wallet Collection! This collection offers chic and functional wallets to keep your cash, cards, and other valuables organized in style. From RFID-blocking designs to cute prints, this thoughtfully curated collection has wallets for every need.

Special Features

Collection Highlights

Chic RFID Blocking Clutch

Whimsical Character Wallet

Slim Trifold Hand Wallet

Spacious Snap-Top Clutch

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the main feature that sets the Women's RFID Blocking Clutch Wallet from Ecosusi apart from other wallets?

The Women's RFID Blocking Clutch Wallet stands out due to its advanced RFID Blocking technology. This means it's equipped to protect your valuable credit card information from wireless identity theft, offering added security compared to conventional wallets. 

Q2: Can the cute cartoon wallet fit in a pocket?

Yes, its compact size can fit into most pants or jacket pockets or easily tuck into your handbag. 

Q3: What type of closure does the hand wallet have?

It features a unique leaflike magnetic snap closure that folds over securely. This offers easy access while keeping your contents protected. 

Q4: What fits inside the PU soft clutch?

It fits all wallet essentials - cash, multiple cards, ID, and coins, plus it can hold other slim items like a lip balm.