You've been asking us for ages, "When will Ecosusi make clothes." And here we are! We're always listening to our customers and working hard to deliver what you want. Ecosusi Clothes has been highly requested for years, and it is now ready for you.

If you haven't seen it already, let us introduce you to the Ecosusi Vintage clothing range. Currently, we have 6 different products to choose from, including dresses, blouses, and tops.


If you are in the market for a new Vintage style dress, we have 3 great options. Each style is unique, and you've probably never seen anything like them before. For dresses, choose from navy blue cherry print dress, denim daisy embroidered lace collar dress, square collar sleeveless bow embroidered dress, and myrna check shirt dress. Or if you can't decide, get them all!.


If you are after a top, you should check out lace check blouse, and natalie knit top. Both have a unique look and are quite different in style.


And don't worry, we are working hard to add more products to this range. We take our time and make sure we only create unique  products that are true to the Ecosusi brand.