We design stylish and durable vegan bags with high standards. But on the other hand, it is important to take care of these fashion items properly. The way we use, clean, and care for vegan bags significantly impacts how long they last.

Caring for vegan leather

Please keep in mind that prevention is always the best option, so here are some golden rules for taking care of your Ecosusi vegan bag.

  1. Protection

A protective treatment is a great precaution. You can use some products that have a protective effect on vegan leather, for example, the vegan leather conditioner, the cotton dust bag, etc., and avoid using harsher cleaners which will lead to drying.

  1. Maintenance
  • Avoid sun exposure

Please do not put your vegan leather bag in front of the window or leave it on the car seat. Intense heat and excessive exposure to the sun can dry out, age, and damage the products.

  • Keep away corrosive substances

It’s important to avoid exposure to grease, perfumes, cosmetics, vinegar, alcohol and other similar items, which may have a certain corrosive effect on vegan leather.

  • Avoid contact with sharp objects
  • Do not overfill

Overfilling your items in the vegan bag can distort its shape and put pressure on the strap connections.

  • When not in use, lay it flat unfolded and do not place heavy objects on it
  • Regular very mild clean

We suggest that you give the surface of the vegan bag a regular once-over to keep it in good condition. If stains are found, wipe clean with a damp soft cloth.


How to Clean

To clean the surface of the vegan bag

  • Clean with a soft/microfiber cloth and warm water if evident dust or slight stains are found.
  • Use a soft toothbrush with warm water to clean the dirt on embossed or textured surfaces.
  • Clean with non-abrasive cloths/sponge and mild cleaning products for stubborn marks.

    *Please Note:

    • Never use any kind of abrasive cloth or sponge
    • Never use any kind of harsh or abrasive cleaning products
    • Test your mild cleaning products on a small hidden part first
    • Remember to clean the residue after using the mild cleaner


      To clean the inside linings

      Please note that all vegan leather bags should not be submerged in water and can't be machine-washed or dry cleaned. So, prevention is always the best option. We recommend putting items that may cause stains on the lining, such as cosmetics and food, in a pouch before putting them in the bag.

      If stains appear on the lining, use a soft damp cloth and mild cleaning detergent to rub gently till the stain and marks are removed, then finish with a clean cloth and dry it naturally.