Woohoo! This is one of our favorite times of the year- Halloween is nearly here! Girls, we know you're struggling to think of a creative and amazing Halloween costume idea. Good news, whether you're a serious fashion lover or simply looking for a way to stand out at this year's Halloween events/ parties, we've got the right combination for you.

Ok, now If you're ready to get inspired for a more unique (and brilliant) way to dress this Halloween, the Ecosusi fashionistas are right here to give you the best original ideas.


Black Never Goes Wrong.


Halloween is immediately associated with black and orange, much like trick-or-treaters and haunted homes. Colors like these two are widely seen in October, when Halloween decorations, costumes, and sweets are all available. Compared with orange, the color black is more suitable for everyone as this color can easily match any personality or style. Also, this color represents mystery, which also makes it a perfect match for Halloween.

@sleepale._ makes the most of the black tone with a skirt, mask, and of course, our classic vintage bow briefcase. The decoration of gothic elements and manicures add extra allure to the outfit.


Medieval Style Makes You Steal The Show.

Isn’t it great that you can relive this legendary period by slipping into renaissance costumes? We’re sure that the medieval style will totally make you stand out from the crowd! Still not sure? Ok, take a look at @elie.simplehappiness.

Rise and become the medieval queen with a sword, robe, retro boots, and our classic bow briefcase. This ensemble is ideal for a Halloween party or parade since it will enchant people and invoke memories of King Arthur and Excalibur.


A Good Witch, Why Not?

People have always been fascinated by the topic of witches, all those wonderful magic, bewitching potions, ancient legends, and mysterious prophecies that inspire curiosity. @ @swannandtheberries has provided us with a fantastic portrayal of a witch of light in her own aesthetic.

Envision her magical dance in the woods, where the trees bend to her rhythm and the leaves turn a brilliant red. Isn't that a wonderful scenario? If you also want to portray such an image, then a witch's hat and witch's robe are a must, as is our Women's PU Detachable Bow Big Briefcase, and believe me, it will add an extra touch of glamour.


Vampire Costume for Halloween, Fang-tastique!

@fatimaruizphoto presents a beautiful vampire impression with all the mysterious details. The black-based background, the candle, the potion, and our Women’s Faux Leather Classic Briefcase creates a horrible environment. The red robe, on the other hand, immediately creates a dramatic visual effect, giving off a unique Halloween vibe.

(P.S. The kitty is soooooo cute.)


Demon and Angel, a perfect combo.

@monstrum.somnias outfit gives us a more visually striking effect, with a classic and elegant white dress and briefcase setting off a divine aura, while the dragon-shaped demon wings on the back, the earrings, and the eye makeup bring a darker effect. She blends the themes of angels and demons together to bring a unique fashion style for Halloween.

How will you style for Halloween? Leave your comments and inspire others.