Ways to Wear Ecosusi Scarfs

Ways to Wear Ecosusi Scarfs

Without a doubt, scarves are a stylish accessory that all women should have. Whatever the occasion is, you can be sure that a scarf will add the finishing touches to your outfit. Scarfs keep us warm in the winter and, at other times, keeps us stylish.  There are countless ways you can wear a scarf. And you should experiment with different ways to find your unique style.


Here are a few simple ways you can style your Ecosusi Scarf


Style Your Hair With A Ecosusi Scarf.


Yep, you read that right. Perhaps you have not seen this before. But trust us, it looks amazing and is a sure way to add style. However, you do your hair - bun, ponytail, braid. Finish the look with the scarf. 


Bow Scarf.

As the name suggests, wear your scarf as a bow around your neck. There are no rules on how you should wear a scarf. So be creative!


Around Your Waist.

Who says you have to wear a scarf around your neck? This can easily take your outfit to the next level.


Now you know 3 unique ways to style your Ecosusi style scarf, but it does not end here. It's time for you to get creative. We hope you can use this as inspiration to find unique ways you can style it. And be sure to tag us on Instagram - @ecosusi_vintage

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