Autumn is a vintage lover’s favorite season of the year. It is the most vintage friendly season. You have more options for what you can wear than any other season. With autumn approaching, it's now time to get our style right for the new season. Autumn is the season to get creative with your vintage wear and to express your style!

 It's time to get inspired for the new season.

 Regardless of what you are wearing your bag can make or break your outfit. And when it comes to vintage styling, the bag is crucial. Don't allow your efforts to go to waste by choosing the wrong bag. When it comes to vintage style, trust us.

When in doubt you can go with the classic ecosusi vintage bow bag.

 new season.

This bag has become one of our bestsellers and for good reasons too. It's stylish, unique, and vintage. The briefcase is available in 5 colors, so you have plenty of options to choose from. The bag is a bestseller for a reason, and we are confident you will love it. 


If you need a larger bag then we also have this bag available in other sizes.


If you are looking for that perfect vintage bag, then we have got you covered.