What the past few years have taught us, is that it’s more important than ever for women to stand up and express their minds.

A person's dress, bag, or accessory can be the most intuitive and effective way to express her uniqueness.

Products that Ecosusi presents are not just a commodity with a fixed function, but also our respect for female liberalism.


Dare to express yourself and show your distinctive soul,

 Let’s see how our partners express their uniqueness.


Fire and Snow

Fire and Snow

Freeze and Warmth

The strong contrast of colors and tones


The determination to fight against difficulties.


Fire and Snow

Stepping firmly on the snow

The burning color

Vintage Martin Boots

A touch of magic power


Darkness, Gothic Queen

Darkness, Gothic Queen



from dark dresses to Vintage Lace-up Knee Boots

Vive the revival of Goth!



You don’t need to look up to others,

For you can be the queen of your own life.


Harmonious Rhythm

Harmonious Rhythm

Light and Shadow;

The smell of fallen sunlight;

The sound of winds blowing through the reeds;

Take a breath in nature,

Enjoy the time alone

 Harmonious Rhythm

Freedom, Liberty

You can also pack them in

Classic Big Briefcase

just like@lukecraigphoto


Now it's time for you to be brave and show your style, your uniqueness.

Head to the world, tell them that you are different.