Bag Trends 2021 - Stylish Clutch Bags

Bag Trends 2021 - Stylish Clutch Bags

We've been wondering for a while... why aren't our clutches more popular? And then we realized, most of you know us for our famous vintage-inspired bags - The Ecosusi Bow Bags. 

Don't mistake the clutch bag for a new modern bag. Actually, this design first emerged in the 1920s! It was created for women who needed something small and stylish. Clutches are a fantastic way to add uniqueness to your style. And don't mistake the bag for being impractical. Unlike many other clutches on the market, our clutches are designed to be shoulder bags or held by hands. We know the importance of choice. And as always, we took inspiration from the original 1920s design and redesigned it for the modern-day woman. 

Still unsure about clutches? Let us introduce to you our latest range of clutches! As always, our products are made with vegan-friendly materials (no animal products).

Cellphone Clutch Bag 

If you're anything like us, then you also hate having your phone in your pockets. Just the thought of the phone slipping out is stressful enough, can't imagine the inconvenience of losing my phone. This clutch is the go-to option when you don't need to bring a bag with you. It's a secure place to store your phone and has three separate compartments for credit cards, passports, keys, and lipstick. Ideal for days when you don't need to bring anything large with you. The bag not only makes your life convenient, it will also up your style! It's simplistic, stylish, and practical. Available in three colors - black, blue, and pink. A must-have for all women's bag collections. 


The Envelope Shoulder Clutch

Available in five vibrant, unique colors - purple, mint, yellow, brown, and white. You'll easily be able to match this bag with your outfits!  

If you want to stand out, then opt for purple, mint, or yellow. We purposefully made those colors vibrant to pop and stand out. With its unique style, the clutch bag is perfect for all occasions. It can be used for work, business, shopping, dates. Basically, any time you don't need a larger bag!  

The bag contains multiple compartments to store your phone, keys, lipstick, and cards. Trust us, it's much more convenient and stylish than just using your pockets! 


Final Thoughts

Add more different types of bags to your collection! The clutch bag is a must-have for all women. And it's the go-to bag when you don't have much to carry. It's stylish and practical. 


Explore our range of clutches now. 


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