Women's Style Bag Guide

Women's Style Bag Guide

All women love bags, but choosing the right bag that fits your style can be difficult.

We want to share our Ecosusi tips for selecting a bag.


  1. Your personality
Don't forget everything you wear becomes an extension of you. The bags you use express your personality. So don't be shy to express who you really are! Before you purchase a bag (or any piece of clothing), you should ask yourself, "does this match my personality?"

2.Your height

Women under 158cm should choose bags that are worn horizontally. These types of bags can affect lengthening your height. For women over 165cm, try to choose a bag that is longer and can stand upright.

3.Bags and colors

Keep in mind the color of clothes you like to wear. There is a sharp contrast between the bag and the color of clothes.  We all know a black dress with a red bag and shoes is a fantastic match.

4.Bags and life

Will you use this bag? Always consider the practicality of a bag before you purchase it. If you are a mother who is breastfeeding, then a large and multi-layer bag makes more sense for you.


These are a few simple tips from us. Consider these points before you purchase your next bag, and if you enjoyed this article, please share it with a friend.

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