Mother's Day

The Beginning

It started with a vision to combine vintage and modern style together seamlessly to create unique and timeless products.

We began with women's bags, and overtime, as our brand grew, we saw the need to create more products.

Now Ecosusi has a full fashion range including - shoes, hats, clothes, and bags.


Our true inspiration comes from vintage style—the type of vintage fashion you could only find in the 1950s.

But we understand the times have changed, so we first take inspiration from the 1950s vintage styles and combine it with the latest modern styles to create Ecosusi products.

We only use vegan leather

Animal lovers

Here at Ecosusi, we are all animal lovers. And we believe that fashion should not come at the price of an animal, which is why we only use vegan leather.

Vegan leather is made from polyurethane, a polymer, and also from sustainable materials. Ecosusi will always use cruelty-free products.

Behind the Brand

Designed by designers from all over the world and made in China. We work with some of the top fashion designers to continually innovate and push Ecosusi further.

We work with a trusted factory in China that manufactures the highest quality products. Everything has been taken into consideration to give you the best products possible.


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