Fashion comes from life, environment, and each individual's understanding of the received information.
 We live in an era that is more inclusive yet more diverse, as the culture of this era is rapidly renewing and evolving. The rapid development of the internet and especially social media has allowed “YOU” in the world to become “WE”-participants who create unique cultures.
 Fashion is inseparable from culture. The interaction between different cultures always brings inspiration to design and outfits.
 Every woman is unique. As the Lunar New Year approaches, Ecosusi would like to offer you some Lunar New Year inspiration for your creative dressing style.


Highlight Your RED

Highlight Your RED

Red is a popular color for Lunar New Year in many Oriental countries. It represents luck, happiness, and celebration. If you’re about to celebrate Lunar New Year with your oriental friends, this color is a great choice.

 Small Casual Backpack,

Two tips for highlighting the red color.

First, just like our Small Casual Backpack, use red as the main or only tone of color to create strong visual stimulation and visual emotion.

  Small Casual Backpack,

Second, the contrast of colors, especially between red and lighter colors, emphasizes the dominant position of red, just like the Red Stripe Laptop Backpack.

This approach will give you a wider choice of color matching


Sense of Atmosphere Small Casual Backpack,

The sense of atmosphere not only allows you to better integrate into the authentic situation, but also to create a unique dressing style.

The Lunar New Year is a time of reunion and celebration in the East.

Tones of atmosphere can be both warm and enthusiastic.

Here we have a great example from@ashleyanne.vintage

A highlight of red as we mentioned above, and the choice of Women's Vintage Bow Small Briefcase with warm tones can be a reflection of both strong and joyful emotion for Lunar New Year or many other situations.


Indeed, everyone can embellish their fashion with different cultures, give themselves a new understanding of fashion and individuality. Ecosusi welcomes and looks forward to your innovation and your uniqueness.