Ecosusi Easter 2022: Virtual Art Gallery from Ecosusi Vintage Lovers

Ecosusi Easter 2022: Virtual Art Gallery from Ecosusi Vintage Lovers

In many countries, the significant holiday celebrated represents the official arrival of spring. We have ended a winter that seemed even longer and more unbearable last year because of the restrictions and uncertainties we had to face. This year, beginning with this spring, we hope that everything will be renewed and positive. In fact, in many cultures, Easter represents new life and rebirth.

Imagine the sun shining on the morning dew, the sky is pastel blue, the trees are slowly turning green and the flowers are quietly opening. The various colors work together to create an aesthetically pleasing picture and turn the world into a harmonious palette. The breeze blows through the trees, birds fly from afar, and bunnies eat grasses in the garden. Nearby the flowers is an exquisite Easter egg...What a wonderful April!

These days we have received a lot of artworks about "Ecosusi X Easter" from our customers and partners. Thank you for your endless support of our style and design, and we can't wait to share these great pieces with all to honor the beauty of spring and the joy of Easter! 

Now let's start our virtual art gallery tour.

@madeline.vermeille brings us a piece that has pronounced Easter elements and a nice combination of cottagecore style. The artist has arranged these elements in a pleasing symmetrical pattern, while using natural color transitions and few strong visual contrasts to create a peaceful and quiet countrycore atmosphere. Bunnies, Easter eggs, strawberries, flowers, bicycles, macaroons, cupcakes, and Ecosusi popular vintage shoes and our best seller-Sombre vintage briefcases bring to mind beautiful images of camping in the countryside. Innovative ideas like the teapot designed like a rustic cottage are inspirable, and once again we are struck by the creative visions of the artists.

The “Wild Growth” is from @Yves.CH’EN, and his “Monde Sauvage aux Printemps” series. The painting features dreamy pastel colors, including white, red, bright yellow, purple, light green and dark blue. By capturing the colors of spring as well as the flowers and green plants, the artist portrays a scene of wild spring growth and the immense vitality of nature through his own interpretation and bold lines. The iconic Eciosusi bow tied to the tree trunk in the middle of the photo represents our philosophy of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. As if that weren't enough, the cute bunny ears at the bottom right of the image and the Easter eggs made out of leaves add a touch of festive cheer and cuteness to this striking artwork. BTW, How many Easter eggs can you find?

A delicate, delightful yet straightforward painting with vivid details from @byannasienna, it uses earth yellow as the base color, while using bright whites and yellows to form the tulips and daffodils as a soft and refreshing contrast to the background, highlighting the exuberance of spring and the joyful atmosphere of Easter. Below the flowers is Ecosusi's classic briefcase, which appears to "carry spring in it". It also appears that the color is similar to the color of the soil, which seems to provide constant nourishment for the flower to grow. This painting is an affirmation of our use of vegan materials and a promise of better days ahead.

The artwork presented to us by @panopii is more imaginative and fanciful. This piece depicts a young girl walking under the moon. Wonderfully, the artist has transformed the moon into the shape of an Easter egg, giving it a magical and fairy-tale feel.

The painting by @alart_draws closely combines vintage and spring elements. In the choice of background colors, the sandy gray creates a classical vibe, while the choice of items in the painting also reflects the harmony between classical and nature. Incredibly, the artist has portrayed the animals in a very realistic way, with birds falling on the branches and groundhogs looking into the distance... together with the strawberries and flowers in vintage colors, these images can easily take people into the realm of spring. So do you want to take Ecosusi messenger bag with you and embrace spring this Easter?

Here are other great artworks, and we'll keep updating, stay tuned!


Now we have arrived at the end of the virtual gallery, leave your comments if you like these paintings. And don't forget that we are hosting an Easter Giveaway on Instagram!



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