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Schultergurt aus abnehmbarSchultergurt aus abnehmbar
Schultergurt aus abnehmbarer Bogen mit großer AktentascheSchultergurt aus abnehmbarer Bogen mit großer Aktentasche
Schultergurt aus düsterer AktentascheSchultergurt aus düsterer Aktentasche
Shoulder Strap of  Classic Big BriefcaseShoulder Strap of  Classic Big Briefcase
Schultergurt aus Frauen Vintage Bogen kleine AktentascheSchultergurt aus Frauen Vintage Bogen kleine Aktentasche
Colorful floret plush pendantColorful floret plush pendant


Welcome to Ecosusi's Bag Accessories Collection! Complete and customize your Ecosusi bag with our chic selection of thoughtfully designed bag accessories. This curated collection adds the perfect finishing touch to keep your bag secure, organized, and uniquely you. 

Special Features

Collection Highlights

Versatile Detachable Straps

Playful Personality-Packed Pendants

Convenient Keychain Wristlet

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: How do I clean the bag accessories?

Most accessories can be spot cleaned as needed with a damp cloth. Refer to the specific care instructions for each item for details. 

Q2: What can fit inside the keychain bag?

Though small, it fits the basics. Use it for credit cards, cash, keys, lip products, and other mini essentials. The wristlet strap makes it easy to secure around your wrist. 

Q3: Are the straps easy to switch out between different Ecosusi bags?

Yes, the straps use a clip system that makes them very easy to detach and attach to compatible Ecosusi bags. You can quickly customize your look. 

Q4: Do the accessories come in different colors or patterns?

Absolutely! Straps, pendants, and keychain bags are available in diverse colors or patterns to coordinate with your existing bags. Mix and match to create your own style.