Our story

Life is not the privilege of human beings. Sheep, rabbits, foxes, and every other species co-exist with us on this blue planet. Human fashions and conveniences should not come at the cost of harming animals and destroying the environment. The joy of living belongs to every being. As a fast-growing fashion brand, it is more important for us to shoulder the responsibility of protecting animals and nature.

Animal-friendly & Eco-friendly

We will never use leather or other animal-based materials in our products or design. Each season, we explore and improve our sustainable and eco-friendly approach while still producing high-quality and timeless products. Since 2018, we have been committed to using vegan materials. In the future, we will continue to experiment with different recycled materials to make eco-fashion the ultimate.

Diversity and Independence

As a female-led brand, female employees make up to 70% of our team. We are aware that prejudices and stereotypes about women still exist in contemporary society. We encourage the development of women's sense of independence and hope that every woman can achieve success and glory in her field. Moreover, every woman was born to be unique and her definition of fashion is thusly. We hope that each woman dares to show her difference, and each woman can have a richer selection and more personalized style of dressing through our design.

Our Ethical Approach

The factories that produce your favorite Ecosusi products are the ones we spend a long time searching for. Each factory undergoes a rigorous audit to assess factors such as fair wages, reasonable working hours and the environment, and we pay equal attention to the treatment and welfare of the female employees in the factories as one of the guidelines for the collaboration. Several visits to these factories have taken place over the years for constant learning of the authentic working conditions and benefits of the employees. Here you can see the work scenes and fun activities of the employees in our partner factories, as well as the factory environment. As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that all aspects of employee rights are protected, we will continue dialogue and interviews with factory owners and employees.

Ecosusi Life

In the past few years, we have been committed to promoting vegan leather and animal protection among people who love vintage style. We are grateful for your understanding and support, and we realize that it is the responsibility of all human beings to create a more friendly environment for animals and nature. Thus in 2022, we make the brave decision to upgrade our brand to “Ecosusilife”. Ecosusilife is an extension of Ecosusi. As a women's fashion brand, we’d like to explore the fashion in different ways, not just from vintage. There is more than one side to beauty and fashion, for every woman was born to be unique and independent.