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Vintage Laptop -Rucksack für FrauenVintage Laptop -Rucksack für Frauen
Aria Vintage Backpack For 15.6 InchesAria Vintage Backpack For 15.6 Inches
Abenddämmerung - Vintage -Rucksack von FrauenAbenddämmerung - Vintage -Rucksack von Frauen
Emily Vintage Backpack For 15.6 InchesEmily Vintage Backpack For 15.6 Inches
Frauen kleiner lässiger RucksackFrauen kleiner lässiger Rucksack
Victor Vintage Backpack For 15.6 InchesVictor Vintage Backpack For 15.6 Inches
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Lily Vintage Vegan Mini BackpackLily Vintage Vegan Mini Backpack
Angebot$50.50 Regulärer Preis$72.00
Evelyn Vintage Vegan Backpack for WomenEvelyn Vintage Vegan Backpack for Women
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Vintage -Rucksack für Frauen für Laptop 15,6 ZollVintage -Rucksack für Frauen für Laptop 15,6 Zoll
Angebot$82.90 Regulärer Preis$92.00
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Belladonna Vintage Rucksack- rosaBelladonna Vintage Rucksack- rosa
Angebot$71.50 Regulärer Preis$89.00
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Verbena Vintage Laptop-RucksackrosaVerbena Vintage Laptop-Rucksackrosa
Angebot$71.50 Regulärer Preis$89.00
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Morgendämmerung - Frauen -Vintage -Rucksack für FrauenMorgendämmerung - Frauen -Vintage -Rucksack für Frauen
Angebot$68.50 Regulärer Preis$88.00
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Rosalind - Mode Rucksack der FrauenRosalind - Mode Rucksack der Frauen
Angebot$69.00 Regulärer Preis$92.00
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Cornelia - Vintage Small Lap RucksackCornelia - Vintage Small Lap Rucksack
Angebot$60.99 Regulärer Preis$76.00
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Julie Vintage veganer Aktentasche-BlackJulie Vintage veganer Aktentasche-Black
Angebot$75.90 Regulärer Preis$89.00
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Sommergarten Romantik - lila/rosa/mintgrün/blauSommergarten Romantik - lila/rosa/mintgrün/blau
Angebot$67.50 Regulärer Preis$79.00
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Belladonna Vintage Aktentasche PinkBelladonna Vintage Aktentasche Pink
Angebot$63.55 Regulärer Preis$85.00
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Sombre Vintage 15.6 inch Stylish Roomy Briefcase for Women in Pink - EcosusiDüstere Vintage -Aktentasche
Angebot$73.99 Regulärer Preis$82.00
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Damen PU Stylish Cambridge RucksackDamen PU Stylish Cambridge Rucksack
Angebot$76.50 Regulärer Preis$85.00
Ember vintage 15.6-inch Business BriefcaseEmber vintage 15.6-inch Business Briefcase
Charlie Unisex Vintage Vegan BriefcaseCharlie Unisex Vintage Vegan Briefcase
Ecosusi Classic Bow Aktentasche - KaffeeEcosusi Classic Bow Aktentasche - Kaffee
Damen Faux Leder klassische große AktentascheDamen Faux Leder klassische große Aktentasche
Emily Vintage 15.6-Inch BriefcaseEmily Vintage 15.6-Inch Briefcase
Victoria Vintage 15.6-Inch BriefcaseVictoria Vintage 15.6-Inch Briefcase
Victor vintage 15.6-inch Business BriefcaseVictor vintage 15.6-inch Business Briefcase

Welcome to our collection of vintage-inspired backpacks for women! Thoughtfully designed for flawless function and timeless femininity, these vegan leather backpacks offer ample space for your essentials while complementing your unique look. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What materials are used?

Crafted from durable, water-resistant vegan leather exteriors and soft polyester fabric lining, our backpacks offer the beauty of leather without harming animals. The ethical faux leather withstands daily use, while the lightweight lining makes bags comfortable to carry.

Q2: Are there different sizes available?

We offer mini, every day, and laptop sizes to suit different carrying needs. Check specific product details for dimensions and laptop/tablet capacity.

Q3: How comfortable are the straps and back?

The adjustable shoulder straps are padded for cozy carrying comfort. The back is also lined with padded polyester that won't dig into your back.

Q4: Do the bags have a zippered closure?

For securely keeping your belongings protected, our backpacks feature smooth gliding metal zippers with textile zipper pulls. They open and close the main compartments while allowing quick access when needed.

Q5: What occasions are the backpacks best suited for?

Our backpacks are versatile for wearing to work, school, shopping, travel, and more. The professional and vintage styles work beautifully for business meetings and interviews, while the casual packs are great for everyday activities. The mini backpacks can transition from day to night seamlessly.