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Victor Vintage Messenger Crossbody BagVictor Vintage Messenger Crossbody Bag
Victoria Vintage Vegan Messenger BagVictoria Vintage Vegan Messenger Bag
Sac messager JaneSac messager Jane
Prix de vente$69.00
Summer Garden Romance - Petit porte-documents BowSummer Garden Romance - Petit porte-documents Bow
Economisez 15%
Summer Garden Romance - Sacoche violette/rose/vert menthe/bleueSummer Garden Romance - Sacoche violette/rose/vert menthe/bleue
Economisez 10%
Sombre Vintage 15.6 inch Stylish Roomy Briefcase for Women in Pink - EcosusiSombre Malette Vintage
Prix de vente$73.99 Prix normal$82.00
Economisez 10%
Sac à dos Cambridge stylé en PU pour femmesSac à dos Cambridge stylé en PU pour femmes
Prix de vente$76.50 Prix normal$85.00
Sacoche Classique avec Noeud PapillonSacoche Classique avec Noeud Papillon
Porte-documents Classic Big en similicuir pour femmesPorte-documents Classic Big en similicuir pour femmes
Grande mallette en PU avec nœud amovible pour femmesGrande mallette en PU avec nœud amovible pour femmes
Sac messager perforé pour femmesSac messager perforé pour femmes
Grande mallette Bow en similicuir pour femmeGrande mallette Bow en similicuir pour femme
Porte-documents classique en similicuir pour femmesPorte-documents classique en similicuir pour femmes
Serena Small Vintage Vegan Messenger BagSerena Small Vintage Vegan Messenger Bag
Charlie Unisex Vintage Vegan BriefcaseCharlie Unisex Vintage Vegan Briefcase

Welcome to our collection of stylish and functional messenger bags! Thoughtfully designed for organization and ease of use, these bags will become your daily companion. 

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Discover on-trend style and seamless organization with the highlights of our messenger bag collection, featuring fashionable two-tone and classic solid color designs complemented by flap closures that keep your essentials securely organized for carefree days on the move.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What materials are the messenger bags made of?

The bags feature a vegan leather exterior and soft polyester lining interior. This ethical, animal-friendly material provides durability to withstand daily use while remaining soft and flexible. The bags are lined with a polyester fabric interior that is lightweight yet sturdy. 

Q2: How many compartments and pockets do the bags have?

To keep you organized, the messenger bags contain 2 spacious main compartments for larger items. There is also 1 convenient zippered pocket to securely hold small valuables like keys or credit cards. With these compartments, your essentials will have dedicated spots to stay neat and easy to find. 

Q3: Can the shoulder strap be adjusted?

Yes, the messenger bags come with a removable shoulder strap that can be adjusted to your ideal length. By moving the metal buckles, the strap can be lengthened or shortened within a range of 39-55 inches. 

Q4: What closure types are available?

We offer messenger bags with both hook-latch closures and magnetic button closures to suit different needs for access and security. The hook-latch closure provides quick and easy access to your in-bag essentials. For more security, the magnetic button closure firmly keeps the messenger bag closed using strong magnets sewn into the flap and bag body. 

Q5: Can the shoulder strap be converted to crossbody style?

For certain messenger bags in our collection, the adaptable shoulder strap can be easily adjusted to a crossbody style, providing you with versatile carrying options. We recommend reviewing the specific product details of each bag for this feature.