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Interview with the CEO of ECOSUSI - Creating a More Equal Digital Environment for Female Employees

Interviewee: Lynn TAN

Interviewer: Yves MANGIANTE

Date: Monday, March 6

Meeting place: Conference room of ECOSUSI


Recently, we had the conversation with TAN, CEO of ECOSUSI, a fashion DTC brand dedicated to creating an equitable digital workplace environment for female employees. Here’s what they had to say:


Q: Why ECOSUSI is devoted to creating a more equal digital environment for female employees?

A: Women deserve access to high quality technology and a safe workspace. As a DTC brand, our goal is to bridge the gender gap when it comes to digital opportunity by training, supporting, and providing resources for female employees to excel in their positions. We believe that it’s essential that there’s an equitable playing field when it comes to digital opportunities and access so all female employees can maximize their potential in this space.

Q: Why does ECOSUSI consider the digital technology a good way to advance gender equality?

A: We noticed that technology had played a significant role in advancing gender equality over the years. It has provided women with access to more education, healthcare, and job opportunities that were previously unavailable to them. With the advent of digital technologies, women can now work remotely from anywhere in the world, allowing them to balance work and family responsibilities.


Moreover, technology has enabled women to connect with each other and form communities online. These communities provide support and resources for women who may not have access to them otherwise. They also serve as a platform for women to share their experiences and raise awareness about issues that affect them.


Q: How does ECOSUSI ensure this equality?

A: At ECOSUSI we take our commitment to gender parity very seriously. We provide our female staff with tailored online training programs designed to sharpen their technical skills as well as leadership skills. In addition, we offer flexible work arrangements which enable more autonomy over how they manage their time and tasks. Furthermore, we have implemented an anonymous feedback system which allows our female employees to safely voice any issues or concerns without fear of repercussion. This keeps our work atmosphere open, supportive, and inviting for everyone involved.


Q: What sets ECOSUSI apart from other fashion brands in this space?

A: The fashion industry has long been criticized for its lack of representation of women and minorities, with many believing that the industry is actively working against promoting gender equality in the workplace. But this situation barely exists at ECOSUSI. As I explained above, ECOSUSI creates a more equitable digital environment by encouraging inclusive practices in the workplace. This means providing resources and opportunities for professional development such as workshops on topics related to leadership and communication skills. Additionally, mentorship programs are created that provide mentorships tailored specifically towards women’s experiences. This allows employees to access support when needed and encourages higher levels of engagement from all team members.


As part of creating a more equitable digital environment for female employees, we also strengthen our anti-discrimination policies. This includes setting clear guidelines that outline what types of behavior are unacceptable in the workplace, such as sexism and harassment. We ensure that any incident involving discrimination is addressed quickly and appropriately with consequences put in place if needed.


We also provide online training opportunities around topics such as diversity and inclusion that help create an environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up and voicing their opinions without fear of judgement or retribution. Training sessions cover topics relating to gender equality and issues such as cultural awareness and unconscious bias so everyone can understand how these issues affect their work life internally or externally. 


Conclusion: Creating an equal digital environment for female employees should be a top priority for any fashion DTC brand looking to foster an inclusive culture within their organization. ECOSUSI is taking an important step to ensure a digital environment that works for everybody, regardless of gender. With their commitment towards creating accessibility and equality in the workplace, they are paving the way for greater innovations through inclusion.


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